My Story:

My name is Liam McKelvie and through my life experiences I have come to believe that every human being is capable of almost anything.

As a young child I lost all four limbs to meningitis but due to my mindset and strong attitude of resilience I have never let this hold me back. 

We all have potential lying deep within us regardless of how many limbs or differences we have and by showing people how I have overcome my struggles I wish to inspire as many people as possible to break their own boundaries both mental and physical.  

Mindset is the key to unlock the life we desire, whether it be a life of happiness or a life of riches, and I am dedicating my life purpose to helping you unlock you full potential.

The way I can offer my inspiration is by offering a 45-60 minute talk to get inside of and help shift the minds of your staff, students, clients or audience towards positivity and self-belief.

If you are interested please get in touch via the contact page of this website!

I Offer Talks To:

  • Businesses (Large & Small)

  • Charities

  • Colleges, Schools & Universities

  • Events

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Mindset & Motivation

  • I believe that every person is capable of almost anything should they know how to tackle it effectively. Life can be testing regardless of whether we have limbs or not and finding motivation can often seem impossible.

    A key lesson I have learned throughout my life is that in order to reach our targets or to live the life we desire most; we must first be in the optimum state of mind, but this is far easier said than done.

    By discussing the techniques that I have used throughout my life in situations such as learning how to walk on prosthesis, draw without hands and live independently, I aim to inspire my audience and show them how to reach out to their full potential. 

    I truly believe that if I can do it then so can you!

Mental Health

  • We all have struggles from time to time and it can be extremely isolating. Due to my disability I have suffered greatly with anxiety and depression but thanks to certain actions, mindsets and help from others, I have now learned how to cope with most of my mental difficulties. 

    Mental health struggles can often feel like a one-way street with no opportunity to turn back and due to stigma people often bottle things up to a point where they can no longer handle the pressure. This often has catastrophic results. 

    I believe that by talking of my experiences and improvement methods I can help tackle the negative stigma towards mental health and show people mindsets and actions that can lead to a healthier and more positive state of mind.